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You'll see that we have included additional businesses located within each state. 
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Get Your Goats!  Goat Farms and Ranches in Texas

Bar 4L Tejas
Bar 4L Tejas ::  Wichita Falls TX :: LaManchas

Buffalo Clover Nigerians :: Nigerian Dwarf :: Goat Milk Soaps

Caprino Royale ::  Waco TX :: Nubian :: Goat Milk Cheese

Cash Farms LaManchas :: Amarillo TX :: LaManchas

D&M's :: Utopia TX :: Alpine, Boer :: Goat Milk

Dreamy Delights Farm :: Burleson TX :: LaManchas

Duck Creek Nigerians :: Sanger TX :: Nigerian Dwarf :  Goat Milk Soap :: Pastured Poultry

Fairwoods Farm
Fairwoods Farm ::
Waller TX : LaMancha, Saanen 

Flying J Farm :: Weatherford TX ::  Alpines, LaManchas, Experimentals

Holly Berri Farm :: Joshua TX :: Nigerian Dwarf

Little Bit Farm :: Bandera TX :: Nigerian Dwarf , Pygmy, Mini LaManchas:: Miniature Horses, Miniature Donkeys, Miniature Zebu Cattle,  Wallabies

Lorberau Farms - Texas Goat cheese :: Alice TX 

McRanch :: Dripping Springs TX ::
 Colored & White Angora Goats :: Llamas, Jacobs - Shetlands - Polypays & Border Leister Sheep and their fibers.

Old Glory :: Old Glory TX :: Nubians, Boers :: Anatolian Shepherds

Onion Creek Ranch :: Lohn TX: Tennessee Meat Goat™ and TexMaster™ :: GoatCamp™, a week-long educational seminar held the last full week of October each year at Onion Creek Ranch.

Proverbs Farm :: Alvin TX :: Nubian :: Goat Milk soap

TLC Farms
:: Franklin TX :: Nubians :: Goat Milk Soap Products

United Caprine News
 United Caprine News
:: Crowley TX ::  Alpine, LaMancha, Nigerian, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Togg :: Dairy Goat Periodical with helpful information for breeders and industry supporters.

Other Businesses and Sites of Interest in Texas

Equip Girl :: Boerne TX ::  A mix of Summer Camp, Finishing School and Christian Leadership conference

Nancy's Fancys :: Magnolia TX :: Ceramics for every occasion

Pereira Pastures :: Abernathy TX ::  Fresh, wholesome, raw milk produced from healthy, grass fed herd of Jersey & Guernsey cows.

Organizations of Breeders and Resources

Central Texas Dairy Goat Association

North Central Texas Meat Goat Association

South Central Texas Goat Club

Southwest Dairy Goat Association

Alpines International Club

American Goat Federation

American LaMancha Club

American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association

Guernsey Goat Breeders of America

International Nubian Breeders Association

International Sable Breeders Association

National Saanen Breeders

National Toggenburg Club

American Sheep and Goat Center


AkbashClub :: ADAA - The Akbash Dog Association of America is the oldest Akbash Dog club in North America; in fact, it is the first and one of the few clubs in the world to have as its goal the support of the Turkish Akbash Dog.

National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network (NASRN) :: Dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced and abandoned Anatolian Shepherd Dogs(ASDs)


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